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When it’s vital – we deliver

In today’s security conscious world increasing numbers of businesses and governmental departments demand higher levels of precautions and confidence when employing outside specialists.

For over 40 years Vanarak has grown and developed into one of the UK’s most trusted Secure Courier businesses supplying specialist high security storage and movement of protectively marked information on behalf of government, IT manufacturers and leading public sector bodies.

Over the years we’ve built an unrivalled foundation of knowledge and expertise in the secure storage and movement of ‘sensitive’ consignments by developing an extensive resource capacity with the flexibility to meet the most challenging and complex situations.

We appreciate & understand the exacting standards to which customers demand and therefore operate in line with requirements of ISO quality standards.

We’re confident we have the necessary resources, systems and processes in place to meet any obligations and perhaps more importantly, we have a reputation which delivers real confidence.

For more information please contact us to discuss how we can add value to your companies’ proposition.

Environment Management

Environmental management is a key issue for organisations across all sectors, and the need to take a responsible and sustainable approach to waste management and recycling is more important than ever.

Vanarak accepts that the world’s resources are finite. We know that both corporate and individual activities can lead to environmental damage.

We accept a social and moral responsibility for putting into place environmentally friendly measures which go beyond legislative requirements.

It is Vanarak’s policy to pursue continuous environmental improvement.

  • Complying with all environmental legislation and regulations appropriate to our activities.
  • To achieving the most commercially realistic contribution to improving the environment in which we work.
  • Striving to ensure all pollution from our activities is identified and minimised.
  • Ensuring consumption of materials, fuel, energy and water are optimised.
  • Maximising all recycling opportunities.
  • Striving to eliminate any potentially harmful effects of our activities.
  • Seeking to influence our customers and suppliers to adopt a more positive approach to environmental matters.
  • Undertaking regular environment performance reviews.
  • Communicating with our employees about environmental issues, to promote co-operation and positive activity at all levels within the company

Information Security Policy

Date Privacy To Our Clients

As with many industries, data gathering has revolutionised the way transport and logistics companies do business.

As our business is built on security, compliance, and accountability, protecting our customers’ most valuable assets we are committed to creating services that are secure and compliant with requirements, including the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which becomes enforceable on May 25, 2018.

In order to meet your service requirements we will require some personal details from you. The information collected for each transport or logistics service may vary and the only time your data is shared with people is within the staff members or sub-contractors working on behalf of the company who may need to contact you or your clients.

Our staff have signed and agreed to our companies Privacy and Confidentiality Policy upon employment. We never share your private information with any members of the public who may request it without your consent.

Upon completion of a service your details are kept on our internal systems. You have the right at any time and can request your details to be removed.