When It’s Vital We Deliver

Secure Transport You Can Count On. People You Can Trust

Shipments Delivered On Time With No Hassle

Secure & Trusted

Since day one Vanarak has always understood the importance of security during transit, recognising the responsibility we have to our customers. Utilising a fleet of highly discreet vehicles, driven by security cleared staff allows Vanarak the considerable advantage of undertaking transport movements incognito.

Transportation & Logistics Services

Over the years we have built an unrivalled foundation of knowledge and expertise in the secure storage and movement of sensitive consignments by developing and extensive resource capacity with the flexibility to meet the most challenging and complex situations. Our services include:


  • High Security warehousing
  • Secure Courier Service
  • Managed deliveries
  • WEEE Asset Collections


  • Waste Disposal Handling
  • Relocation
  • Site Surveys, risk assessments and method statements
  • Asset recording

We appreciate & understand the exacting standards to which our customers demand and therefore confident we have the necessary resources, systems and processes already in place to meet contractual obligation. Perhaps more importantly, we have a reputation which delivers real confidence.

When it’s vital – we deliver.


From large articulated units and trailers to small light commercial vans each vehicle is meticulously serviced and maintained to manufacturers and DVSA guidelines. Vanarak vehicles are low-key and highly equipped… plain and unbranded (if required) with additional security features to safeguard your consignment.

  • All vehicles fitted with slam locks
  • Internal full-height steel bulkhead
  • ‘Standard’ sliding side door disabled and permanently locked where fitted (one means of access to rear loading area)
  • Double-skinned load area
  • Additional floor anchoring points to stabilise the load and prevent movement during transit
  • Storm cases available – afford protection to media while in transit
  • Tamper evident seals available
  • Stairwalker service available.

Consignments are carefully recorded and tracked from collection to destination. Furthermore all Vanarak vehicles are continuously monitored using the latest GPRS satellite tracking technology in conjunction with our transport planning system. This allows Vanarak to carefully track the consignment against plan by receiving real-time information of every vehicle in our fleet.

As well as giving office management instant access to important vehicle information such as driving behaviour, speed, mileage and fuel consumption the system can also be further utilised to form an added layer of security by controlling access to the vehicle load area remotely.

Secure Warehousing

Protection of your equipment is paramount to Vanarak. Our high-security warehouse has been developed to store highly sensitive items safely, in an environment maintained and monitored to ensure the preservation of your equipment’s components and materials.

Entrusted by Government bodies and other high profile organisations, our strategically placed 20,000 square foot storage facility in Warrington is approved to hold UK Government protectively marked information. Efficiently run and managed by security-cleared personnel, our facility is ready to handle any storage requirements.

Our storage facility is equipped with 24×7 remotely monitored CCTV coverage, rapid response support and installed with the very latest smoke cannon systems. In addition our facility also benefits from single and 3 phase power supplies


At Vanarak our business is to ensure that your shipment, whether it’s a pallet, parcel or document, arrives on time and in perfect condition, every time. Even though we always take the utmost care with your shipment, circumstances beyond our control can occasionally affect deliveries.

As standard Vanarak protects your goods during shipment with the following levels of insurance cover:

Goods in Transit

  • *FTA Conditions of Carriage @ £1,300 per tonne
  • £500,000 limit any one vehicle
  • £1,000,000 limit any one loss


  • *FTA conditions of Storage @ £100 per tonne
  • £5,000,000 limit any one loss

Flexible Approach

We have a very flexible approach with regards to providing an additional level of cover for higher value consignments and therefore able to offer enhanced levels of insurance at short notice. If you are sending items of higher value or importance to you, we strongly recommend that you take out our additional insurance. Please contact us for further details.